Korean leftovers



Mini- bibimbap (crunchy rice) with veg, sesame edamame, carrots, bean sprouts, gochujang chili sauce.
Korean hot “wings”, steamed bun, macaroni and cheese with seitan “bacon”. Just had more hot sauce!


Fried Rice


Mixed veggie fried rice with a chopped avocado heart with hot sauce.

Sauerkraut, salad with seeds, and a fruit ball. Nuts, carrots and an apple to accompany!


Things gonna get crazy round here, as you’ll be seeing more and more Wifentos— ok it doesn’t have a great ring to it. But with a real job, I’ll be having mine as well as Husbento’s bentos.
Here they are in tandem!


Brown rice, Mexican quinoa (instead of rice), baked tofu with soy sauce, salad & an olive.
Brown rice with shiso leaf, braised kale, baked tofu with soy sauce & an olive (I have some edamame salad waiting for me as well).
I have also stashed a bottle of hot sauce in the staff room. You never know!

Fried Rice & friends


Leftover kimchi fried rice with mixed veggies and seitan. Sides of hot sauce and MORE kimchi (hehehehe) and a red pepper smilie face.

Mixed salad with seeds, pecan neat-ball, soy sausage and a fruit purée with nut and coconut “power ball!”

Snacks of mixed nuts, salted edamame, and organic pink lady apple.

New Year Health Kick


Spicy lentils with rice and homemade kimchi! With snacks of carrots and hummus & apples and natural peanut butter. Health kick!

Leftover Fusion

Here we have a fusion of Western, Chinese, and Tex-Mex leftovers!

Pin wheels from the Vegan Ronin recipe
Red cabbage vinegar slaw with seeds and dried cranberries
Leftover Chinese takeaway
Tex-Mex salad of onions, peppers, black beans, corn, tossed in lime juice
Avocado salad with lettuce and some onions
Container of salsa to go on top of the salads.

Japanese Throwback

This is one of my standard lunches I made in Japan I would eat at my work desk.

A thermos of Japanese curry, with brown rice, and cinnamon apples with purple vegetable and fruit juice. It never kept me full; I blame running around with kids all day.